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Originally Posted by MteK
Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
Poor pad selection? They take any hawk/ferodo etc. that's the only thing that appeals to me

Pulsating brakes? That's something that didn't come up on google
You talking about Rotora? I ran them, I know what the selection is like and no they will not take any hawk or ferodo (FC-6), unless they've changed design in the last couple of years. Same is true for the rotor rings. I also know that they vibrate. Before I bought them a i was warned by a local tuner (Mach 5) that they are known to vibrate/pulsate. Sure enough 10K miles in and it happened to me.

Also, their poor (none existent) customer service is legendary.

You can do whatever you want, go cheap on BBK, it's your dime. But don't say you weren't warned.
No, the taiwanese ones

So rotora is oe pads only?
They also seem to only do 355mm rear as well, which is also strange

So rotora's a no go for having terrible rotors and a limited selection of pads?
Sad, the price was right..

So far out of the expensive kits, it'd be either stoptech or AP winning, and nashin leading the bottom end

Brembos are just way too expensive, paying too much for the name

I don't want to go cheap on brakes, they ARE the second most important part of your car (after tyres ) for safety.. but $4k landed for fronts, and not much less for the rear... yeah i'm going to try to minimize the damage here, i really REALLY don't want to pay that much for something GOOD. i don't need a kit that will win races... just occasional track day abuse and daily (often aggressive) driving
... as well as being reliable enough to save my life, other peoples lives and my car.. and not fail and cost more money down the track.

another one i've discovered: forge makes BBK's (same as forge DV's), rave reviews from the VW golf community, going to research more later as i believe they're VERY affordable 6pot 356mm's with every pad aailable.... further googling and forge BBK are more than likely a china/taiwan product, but still apparently decent. hmh.. not sure what other products share the calipers, not ksport/nashin.. though they Look VERY similar to ksport, but not 100% from pics i've found

D2 racing/ksport are the closest in visual design, but the standing-out logo part on the forge kit is different, and the bolts are beefier.. Looks nothing like rotora or xyz..

Ed: i sent an email to forge asking about their bbk

I got

Hi Brendan
Thanks for the e mail
I can confirm that the Forge brake kit is designed and manufactured in the UK on our CNC machines
We have had this product for around 3 years

Unfortunately there are a number of Chinese companies who are copying our diverter valves , blow off valves , silicon hoses kits intercoolers and now brake kits

There is not much we can do other then try to change designs and innovate different features
Rest assure you will be getting a Forge product with a Forge warranty

Best Regards
Peter Miles
Forge Motorsport
Managing Director

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