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Originally Posted by AnooooOH View Post
haha, okay!!
your 130i seems to have lot more power than mine!

you know that the traction control isn`t the best in the 130i?
There`s a big problem from 0-60. I hated it!
Especially with wider tires! had 225/255 and 215/245 mounted btw.
keep dtc in position 2 and try again, you will see that everything works fine!
more mass needs more time to get fast.

going wider in the front is the stupiest thing you can do because the 130 is understeering as hell!

your rear lets go too easy when you`re going fast threw a corner?
with an understeering car? not bad!!
hahah when i turn the TC off it's single peggers all over the place! DTC pressed bogs down heaps too, so lame... if i do it right with teh DTC pressed once it can get a pretty good launch (or burnout) though yeah. gotta be pretty precise!

NO, wider front REDUCES!!!!! understeer, add grip to the front, remove from the rear and you'll oversteer!

don't get me wrong, it definitely has understeer, when going SLOW, say around a roundabout, my back wheel will clip the kerb where my front has cleared it..
and yeah, it's not like the back will magically step out on you, i've got TONS of grip both front and rear.. . but when .. say on a long sweeper, the front doesn't suddenly slide out way before the rear, even with my 225/245 it's extremely extremely balanced, and the back will step out first.

i'd like less understeer in dynamics, rather than a 'grip' sense... less body roll secondly.. (bringing it back to the sway bar conversation) and yeah of course more grip third.

Originally Posted by Purple Derple View Post
Why bother even asking when you aren't receptive to anyone's advice? End the thread and buy whatever your heart desires no matter how wrong it may be.

the fact is, a rear sway bar with no supporting mods will reduce rear end grip which will make it easier to go sideways, but will NOT let you go around a corner faster. end of story.