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Turbo BRZ if they make one... Hands down.

I wanted a small, lightweight, powerful, easily modified for more power, RWD, manual transmission, somewhat practical, reasonably comfortable, drivable, with heated seats car for under about $35k. I didn't really want a "luxury brand" car but a 1 year old low miles used 135i was the best fit for me. It's only real flaw is being slightly portly for such a small car. Guess you pay for all the sound deadening, underbody panels, huge ass battery, and safety features in weight.

I think Subaru would be very smart to slap a turbo and STI badge on the BRZ. Even if it is just 250-260hp range, the aftermarket will take care of it from there. Factory turbo engines are much better for modding due to the ability to increase airflow easily (by tuning or simple turbo swaps), and the more capable compression ratio.
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