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Originally Posted by elbles View Post
dtraill27, I obviously don't own a 128, but I'd be surprised if it were to beat the GTI on fuel economy. I've done ~48,000 miles in 2.5 years (~80 miles/day), and have averaged 27.3 MPG (not highway, mostly 45 MPH backroads, and I probably still drive like a 16-year-old, hah). I personally wouldn't care if it were a little lower, but I wouldn't expect a 3.0 liter inline 6 to go up in mileage.
I'm low 20s around time high 20s on the highway so it's close enough for me. I don't mind the mileage either cause the other car I'm kicking around is the WRX and that doesn't get great mileage either.

Originally Posted by cvandenhaute View Post
You are right, I average 24mpg with my 128i manual, my boss, who has the same commute, averages 27-28mpg with his Audi A3 2.0T (manual too). He says he has a pretty constant mileage with it regardless the driving style while I can definitely see a huge difference based on my driving style, traffic and type of road. The 128i is not a winner if mileage is your main concern, it is not bad but it is not impressive either. I think the 135i is pretty similar to the 128i as far as mileage is concerned.
I'd be plenty happy with 24 as my GTI average is 26 I think. Plus the mileage drops off in the winter for some reason in my GTI more than any of my other previous cars