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Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
Thanks for posting. It seems to be a nice, deeper tone compared to stock without being too loud. Since the Maddads should be contributing a lot, I assume Dinan exhaust alone is really not a very loud one which is not a bad thing imo. My set up has a similar tone as well (Evolve Race and N55).

On another note, from this picture I can say that the muffler sits quite low and visible!
In terms of the exhaust note. I had the maddad mid pipe first and once I added the Dinan the sound became much deeper than the maddad alone. I don't think the video does the lower octaves justice. When I blip revs when the car is totally warm, there is a very serious exhaust note and people come up to me all the time an comment on how that has to be a serious exhaust system. Second, the stock exhaust muffler has an internal valve that from what I understand from Dinan is actuated by exhaust pressure. Higher revs would open the valve. There is no valve inside the Dinan muffler. The pipes were installed as high up as possible. The perception from me and the distributor for Dinan that installed it is that they want you to see the muffler to some degree for a sportier look.