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Originally Posted by nachob View Post
Artemis, thanks.
I saw the Satin Titanium ones on Golo's car and they look cool, just hoping for AW with Brilliant Silver. It's a tough choice! I wish someone actually stocked samples to compare them. Some look better in real life. Some colors fit better on others. I don't like Black wheels on the white 1M for example, but they look good on some of the VO cars. It's all opinion of course.
Personally, I would not opt for BBS CH-R in silver ("Brilliant Silver") as the look of those is matching too close the look of the 1M stock wheels (OEM 359 M Y-spoke Competition rims). With gunmetal, the difference is a bit more obvious to notice.

Actually, I opted for gunmetal simply to have a different look for my winter tires. So during the Winter season my 1M looks different (BBS CH-R) compared to the Summer season (stock), as if it were a different car. And it's striking: it definitely springs to the eye, every time you approach the car. Furthermore, on a practical note: we do know that rims are more exposed to dirt during Winter time (snow, rain, ice, salt, mud, etc.); well, gunmetal is a better color than silver for visually hiding dirt.

However, as we also know, too bad that BMW has no gunmetal OEM 359 M Y-spoke Competition rims on offer: it's either silver (1M) or black (M3 GTS). Some get a spare set of 1M stock wheels and give them a gunmetal treatment. I did not consider that option: last Winter I looked aftermarket and ended up with BBS CH-R in gunmetal ("Satin Titanium") as a decent alternative. Moreover, those have a fairly reasonable price-ticket (no attack on your wallet as is the case with rims of the "BBS Individual" collection) ( It's a rather close call when compared to the 1M stock wheels + the same built quality.

For the visual difference between OEM 359 M Y-spoke Competition rims (stock) and BBS CH-R rims (with a couple of pictures to illustrate), see another of my earlier posts:
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