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While we had a lot of discussion in our other thread on Powdercoating wheels and whether it was a good idea or not. We talked about metallurgy and heating wheels, etc. and I contacted BBS and they said not to powdercoat their wheels. We left it finally at just find a someone with experience with wheels and be careful but we didn't hit upon the warranty issue. Here is another point on re-painting wheels that we did not hit upon. It can give the manufacturer and excuse/reason to void the warranty. I don't believe wet paint can give anyone a reason to void it but any other process that requires heat, like powdercoating, can complicate matters. Have no interested in re-hashing the TECHNICAL side of powdercoating just bringing up the WARRANTY aspect of it that I had not thought about earlier.

I feel bad for the Mustang guy too. My guess is his insurance will deny the claim and he is out a ton of money.