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Originally Posted by nachob View Post
Artemis, thanks.
I saw the Satin Silver ones on Golo's car and they look cool, just hoping for AW with Brilliant Silver. It's a tough choice! I wish someone actually stocked samples to compare them. Some look better in real life. Some colors fit better on others. I don't like Black wheels on the white 1M for example, but they look good on some of the VO cars. It's all opinion of course.
Additional pictures of BBS CH-R "Brilliant Silver", unfitted:

And here those were fitted onto a 996TT (ooh, if only looks could kill, you might be dead by now... ):

Name:  911TT_BBS_CHR_01.jpg
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Name:  911TT_BBS_CHR_02.jpg
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Name:  911TT_BBS_CHR_03.jpg
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