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Originally Posted by ozinaldo View Post
And a question: How would you feel about a 245/35 19 (stock) fr and 295/30 19 rear set up on stock wheels and suspension (basically maximizing the rear tire width alone while the rest remain stock) for mostly road use? Why or why not?
Forum fellow Fundahl answered affirmatively the question "Will 295/30/19 fit stock 1M rears ?":
"I am running them but the back will rub on bumps if you don't roll that stupid little metal tab out of the way. 295/30R19 Pilot Super Sports.
WAYyyy more grip. 1st gear sticks now and I can throttle out of sharper turns in 2nd without throwing the ass way out."


See also: ("Will 295/30/19 fit stock 1M rears?") ("How Much Tire???") ("Anybody tried 285/30-19 Pilot Sport Cups on stock 10" rims?") ("What is the max tire size anyone has fitted in the front?")
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