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Originally Posted by BMWDAD View Post
First let me say I WOULD have bought a 135i coupe, but it came out a bit late, and I ended up with a 08 335i coupe/sports/6mt ssk. I am still happy with the 335i but I am dreaming of a new car.

My short list is all cars with a redesign coming 2014 (?). I would like your opinions after owning a 1 series.

1. m235i coupe/ 228i m sport (4 cylinder) both cars slated to come to the usa
when who knows, great reviews for the M hatch, good reviews for the M
sport hatch
2. 2014 Audi TT releasing late 2014 as a 2015
3. 2014 nissan z releasing late 2014 as a 2015
4. Corvette C7 (if they finally do it correctly)

I am NOT considering the new 3/4 series, I would want something a little more focused and lighter. I drove the new BRZ and thought the current Audi TT is more to my taste.

Thanks in advance...............need to dream.
It seems everyone wants to bump up to more performance!

M2 and M135i high on my list.

The C7 forum is heating up and has a convertible and coupe C7, testing with a new 911. under 3000 pounds

I see alot of you agree with the BRZ but only in some type of STI guise.

Not too much mention of the nissan Z redesign or the Audi TT design. Interesting....................

I will add the redesign Cayman to my list. (thanks guys)

AND having owned two Miatas (NA and NB) I will see what the ND brings.

If only I had 911 money all would be solved.