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Originally Posted by Chamix View Post
Yeah I know, I was just looking at that "Adventures of a car enthusiast" thread (great list of events!) and noticed the meet at MeilenWerk. It's funny, I was thinking about trying that restaurant there with my wife a few weeks ago but haven't had a chance.

Amen to the all one family under the BMW umbrella!
There are actually two restaurants inside the Meilenwerk. There is a very nice Italian restaurant inside the V8 Hotel. It's behind the check in area. We all wanted to go to that one... but it was closed for a private event the day were all were there. And I think upstairs was another lounge.

Then there is that Wittlichen(Sp?) restaurant inside the Meilenwerk. We went there with our tour group. The food was good and it had a nice low key charm to it. A few of us were lusting after one of the waitress there! lol

Some other future events... we will probably have another trip next summer to Stelvio Pass. To see our trip from this summer just click on the link under my signature. 1addicts at Stelv1oPass

There is some talk about doing a drive to Slovenia to go visit the Akrapovic factory next summer.

Team Orga is already planning a 4th car show at the BMW Welt. Its known as Welt 4.0 Friends United, should be held in the Spring of 2013. Sunday, May 12, 2013 Last year show was over 200 cars held at the BMW Welt. I am not sure IF this FB page link will work. Its a private page.

1Addicts BMW Welt 3.0 Friends United Meeting