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Originally Posted by robertm View Post
This new wheels looks to be a little more than 10% heavier than the ARC-8. Why would someone choose this over the lighter unit? I'm looking at specifically the 18-10" ET 25. In that size a set of EC-7 would add 10 lb additional over the ARC-8. Thanks.
With the increase of faster and heavier cars being used in racing, HPDEs, and spirited driving, the EC-7 was designed and engineered to handle extreme abuse on track and street, offer a wide range of direct fitments, while producing a relatively lightweight wheel (compared to OEM). The new features offered make the EC-7 the perfect compliment to the APEX ARC-8.

The EC-7's spoke profile has been designed with a curve to provide additional caliper clearance. It can clear a BBK spacer free on applications where the ARC-8 could not. A significant improvement to the EC-7 is the increased barrel clearance that now allows for the 18" version of this wheel to properly clear the Brembo 380mm BBK.