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Relatively mild climate over here. Occasionally harsh winter temps.

My summer setup is stock 19" (359 M Y-spoke Competition rims) (front: 19x9 | rear: 19x10).

My winter setup is ...also 19" Those Pirelli tires are appropriate for mild winter climates. Speed rating "W" (168mph/270kph). Not appropriate for colder climates with rugged winters (Scandinavia, etc.). Got those because only a very limited choice of 19" winter tires with the right specs available for the rims (245/35R19 + 265/35R19) and don't want to damage the fender liners (wheel housing). It's an OK tire - expect no rave reviews. Alternative winter tire for those 19" specs was Bridgestone Blizzak LM-60 - speed rating "H" (130mph/210kph) (cheaper).

Here's the commercial yadda-yadda:
"Pirelli Winter 270 Sottozero Serie II
This tire utilizes structural technology that places Pirelli amongst the leaders in the ultra high performance segment, speed code "W" (up to 270km/h) for Winter Sottozero 270.
Winter SOTTOZERO™ Series II is designed to actively react in the presence of wet asphalt and low external temperatures (under 7°C), contrasting with great success the phenomenon of aquaplaning. It represents a versatile and safe answer for optimal driving conditions in all fall and winter weather conditions: dry, wet or snow covered surfaces do not make a difference, Winter SOTTOZERO™ Series II guarantees the best performance on all surfaces.
It is characterised by wide moulded grooves, in order to effectively expel the water.special water containment basins (HST – Hydro Static Tank) a Pirelli patent that guarantees a better containment of the water in the grooves in order to sensibly reduce the phenomenon of aquaplaning.
IMPORTANT: It is not recommended to mix the Winter Sottozero and the Winter Sottozero Serie II tires"

"An innovative tyre for sports cars and medium to high-powered saloons, it offers excellent driving safety in all road conditions during the cold weather season.
For demanding drivers, the Winter SOTTOZERO™ SERIE II guarantees excellent performance on dry roads, in the wet and in the presence of snow. In temperatures below 7°C, it counters aquaplaning more effectively when compared to a summer tyre.
The asymmetric tread pattern is divided into two distinct elements. The inner area expels water effectively whilst the external area, with its more rigid and spaced blocks, ensures high levels of grip on snow. These features on the W270 version are enhanced by the exclusive patented twin-compound solution.
Characterised by low rolling resistance, the Winter SOTTOZERO™ SERIE II also provides low noise levels, enhancing comfort in the cabin.
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