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Originally Posted by TonyL128
Racing Brake has a group buy list for their BBK conversion using the standard 135i calipers. With their piston upgrade kit, Hawk track pads, you will get 95% or better performance of other BBK upgrade kits, at 1/3 the price! The shipping will also be cheaper to Australia. Here is the link:
I drive a 130i not a 135i

I would need 135i calipers too which is a solid $1100, then rotors even for a full gb is $900+ shipping + taxes so $1500ish

Piston upgrade kit $200+ shipping so say $230

And we're at almost $3k just for that pretty quickly.. And we're still not as good as the 'proper' bbk's by any stretch

Yeah no, i could get a proper 100% of a bbk performance for that money.