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Originally Posted by TWD View Post

Here are the best steps to completely remove it:

1. First give the area a wash (obviously he's done that).

2. Clay that portion - if you're on a budget, go buy a Meguiars clay and lube kit from your local auto shop.

3. Still on budget, also buy an Autoglym polish from your local auto shop just to polish and rejuvinate that area. I would recommend Autoglym Rejuvinator (budget but effective product). Use microfibre cloths to work into the paintwork.

4. Simply go over the area with a basic wax, like Meguiars, etc.

Hope this helps mate.
There are other methods, but you don't want to be too harsh and this is the PROPER & SAFEST way to go about it.

Most of that would come out with several passes of a quality clay bar, just have to lube it well. And even YOU can do that, Kenny

Exactly what I would and have done in the past.....

Yesterday, the dipst!t in the prado truck that parks next to me left me a lovebite similar to the OP's. (no ding - scratch only) I have polished it out but left with the scratches down to the metal. as the car is black, I've used a sharpe to colour it in but the OCD in me keeps looking at it and it's annoying me. I'm thinking about calling one of those touch up guys in to fix it but concerned the fix might still be noticable..... Anyone here with experiance with these touch up guys with small things like this?