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Originally Posted by andrey_gta View Post
I meant kSport

There are a fee UK brands that offer Tuv certified BBK kits too. Prob at BBK prices.

What about WP Pro Brakes bbk( its reputable in Canada, used in racing

XYZ has been fitted to some Accord, but no metions of track stats
yeah, i can't really find anything wrong with k sport other than 'they're ok...'

i can't find any info on teh WP pro for purcahse other than i'm guessing they're VERY pricey

Originally Posted by MteK View Post
A proper BBK will run cooler and cool off faster then an upgraded 135i caliper. That said, the upgraded 135 set up is more then enough for most people.
yeah if i already had 135i calipers, i'd almost certainly be fine... but if for the same money i can get better......


yeah, just had a look there... $3300 front, nah i'll just get brembos..

ED: oh wait... $2500 for 360mm
but nothing listed for the rear

might send them an email, that's not a bad price.