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Originally Posted by VGR00 View Post
Exactly what I would and have done in the past.....

Yesterday, the dipst!t in the prado truck that parks next to me left me a lovebite similar to the OP's. (no ding - scratch only) I have polished it out but left with the scratches down to the metal. as the car is black, I've used a sharpe to colour it in but the OCD in me keeps looking at it and it's annoying me. I'm thinking about calling one of those touch up guys in to fix it but concerned the fix might still be noticable..... Anyone here with experiance with these touch up guys with small things like this?
That's a real shame mate. I can understand your pain.

Instead of colouring it in with a permanent marker (which will wash off eventually), you should just get it touched up properly by a paint shop. Make sure they match the paint exactly so it's barely noticable. No point spraying the entire panel if you don't have to.

Really frustrating stuff, I know.