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Originally Posted by BMW86 View Post
The problem I'm finding with BBK is nobody has them in stock and they won't ever keep them in stock. They are built to order. Everyone says 4-6 weeks but I think it's one of those situations where they say 4-6 weeks but in reality it's closer to 3-4 months, who knows, possibly a lot longer. That's the impression I'm getting anyway. It's frustrating. I wouldn't mind putting down a deposit but forking out 3k upfront stinks.
wow, at least you're getting that

so far i've had two companies just stop replying to emails

the most success i've had is from pm's on this forum about stoptechs (as far as i can gather they can get them rapidly), which is nice.. and some OE replacement gear

months doesn't sound right, it's a standard caliper with a specific rotor and mounting bracket yeah?

i mean, i could understand shitty companies taking months... but still...'

at this rate i'll be getting some better pads/rotors/lines and upgrading when i've got the new motor in or something...

ED: oh! 130i's have bigger rotors than 128i's it seems!

330mm vs 128i's 300mm

well then. kinda sucks hah

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