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Originally Posted by andrey_gta View Post
Yep their rear system has 2 choices:
Use OEM caliper 900 or their caliper 2500

Definitely email them

Wilwood is an option too

Powerbrake from South Africa is also good on paper. (cater to ferrari & other race teams including BMW team in Europe, USA, South Africa)
-To USA they offer free shipping, maybe Australia too
-There are 2 versions of 4 pot Race calipers available
-Their 4 pot PB44L comes in a Cup version that is for the street/light track
- Lots of pad choice, including Hawk ( see BMW team
-Pricing from what I found is under $3k for 350mm and prob cheaper for 330mm ( 17" inch wheels work)

(I am actually excited about this Powerbrake's option)
Where can you get power brake/ what sorta price? 350mm vs 355mm though, so slightly smaller!

Thoae willwoods are a great price! I can't see them for sale any more at uuc tho :/

Ed: vat is 20%, import duties are 20%.. Works out about the same lol

Performance frictions look great in every way.. But pad per piston sounds restrictive in choice and pricey to replace.. Plus initial price is very high... I'm not too sure they'd be awesome on a daily? (How fast they could wear?)

And formula 1 (and other series') teams run AP, willwood and brembo parts.. Other teams may run ksport if they want, it really (mostly) doesn't mean crap who races it.. often custom engineering for race never hear about replacing parts or long term (or even short term) wear especially on race cars for the most part..

And if you can guarantee the part will be the same as the race car (as in the performance fiction), on top of not really knowing how it will be long term on the street, the price strts VERY high.

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