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Thanks...My guy does high end cars such as porsche but not as often obviously. When I met with him he was doing work on a 2010 Audo S6. Man did that have dings on all panels...light dings and such...but I guess the owner/prev. owner didn't care where he long as it was close and open.

For top talent PDR will have to reach out to Philly/NJ for service. My brother lives in Charlotte, Anyone know of a good PDR place there??? Philly/CT/NJ/VA/NC anyone know of a good place to take it? (Dealership or Independent PDR tech)

The ding is very, very small...not even sure if PDR guys can remove such a small ding.
I'm almost certain that 98% of people would have a hard time spotting it..but I can see it if I look for it. Yes I Have to look for it but it came up on me Easy upon a quick wash/wax detail.. Obviously the more reflection you have the easier it is to see.. Makes waxing a pristine car worthless when you step back to admire your detail work & the reflection, shine, etc..
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