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Originally Posted by Draxus View Post
I have been looking into this as well.

You will need :

1 - Battery Pan
2 - Heat Shielding
3 - Right Exhaust Hanger
4 - Possibly extend the battery wires?
There's at least one other piece to the puzzle: the fuel tank evaporative emissions canister is in a different location on the 1M. the lines to and from it are rigid plastic which might take some persuasion to move into the 1M position. When I gave the battery tray part number to our local BMW dealer, they couldn't find it in their system. I had them look twice. This makes no sense to me, since they have to be able to supply the part if a 1M needs accident repair. I looked into this several months ago. Also, the rear valance will have to be modified: the exhaust tips of the 1M don't line up with anything on the 135i valance. My plan was to cut across the bottom of the valance to allow for the 4 tips, but that's a little hokey.