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Exclamation "Engine coolant level too low" warning

Clocked almost 16K kms with my 1M. Never issues.

Upon starting the (cold) engine today the OBC immediately showed an "Engine coolant level too low" warning (see picture below; the engine icon also featured on my OBC where normally the time is indicated). Never experienced any such warning before. Also never got an engine warning light lighting up. My 1M is sheltered at night. Had been parked for at least 15 hours. It was a cold night but no freeze temps.

After a careful 100 meters drive I switched off the engine to check the manual (see pages 219-220 of the "BMW 128i/135i Owner's Manual 2012" (USA) pictured below - my 2011 European manual features a similar text on page 225). Upon restarting the engine, the warning had vanished. Rest of the day, for all drives: "OK" - "No Faults" when checking the "Vehicle Info"/"Vehicle Status" via the iDrive. So just a short-lived warning. Also nothing abnormal (oil temp remained normal). Got to wait for the engine to cool down to check the engine coolant level.

Just a false reading (glitch) or something to worry about ? Anyone experienced this yet ? Any recommendation regarding the appropriate type of engine coolant to be added (if required).

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Excerpt of the "BMW 128i/135i Owner's Manual 2012" (USA) (made available in the Manuals sticky:

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