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Originally Posted by dknl View Post

I've had a few experiences with different snow tires and where im from we get alot of snow and really cold and hard packed snow is common.

I would say for the price..Nexen was great IF u dont get alot of snow and dont drive uphills/downhill. For average city driving in mild winter places...they will do just fine. For me, I spent on a better tire for extra assurance n safety
those are thin, which is a good thing. I'm running 205's so hopefully it won't be to bad. I'm in new england, it could be hit or miss during the winters, usually we get 1/2 dozen snow storms and they do a great job at plowing/salting usually the only time I'll have an issue is if i actually get caught at work during a snow storm that starts late morning or afternoon and I have to drive home from work. I'm on the coast so it's not to hilly on my way to work. I don't plan on driving the car during snow storms if I can help it.