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Originally Posted by Mahlzeit View Post
How much negative camber can be achieved w/out the use of adjustable camber plates?
Almost -1 I think.
Around -1.25 with M3 control arms.

I'm looking for a range of -1.5 to -2.0.
Camber plates!!

That should be enough to avoid wasting my brand new PSS fronts in a single track day. And should allow them to last reasonably well on a primarily street driven car. Let's assume a) stock suspension and b) 1 inch lowered suspension.
My car is primarily street driven with about 1 autocross per month and the occasional track day. I have come to the conclusion that toe is much more damaging to the tires than camber.

I'm running around -3 front and back and my tires show no signs of camber related wear.

I've read about removing pins and such, but don't quite understand what exactly is happening here, or what max camber can be achieved with this method.
The top shock mount is attached by 3 screws. An alignment pin helps align the shock mount to sit exactly in the right spot in the shock tower. Open your hod, you can see it on both sides on the shock tower.

Removing that pin allows the shock mount to be moved slightly inward as far as the 3 bolt holes permit. It really doesn't help all that much, but gets you closer to -1. Nowhere near enough to make a difference on track IMHO.