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I just got one of these yesterday, and after holding it up there and looking underneath there, it sparked a few questions. So I thought i would do a search and see if I could find some information on it.

A couple questions if you guys don't mind?
1) I am assuming you have to remove all of the factory bolts in the front part of the spoiler?
2) Does the splitter use some of these existing factory holes to mount to then?
3) I noticed you mentioned that you need to remove the front splash shield from the center splash shield and finally from the vehicle, but when reinstalling the front splash shield, how does it attach if you have used the factory mounting holes for the splitter?
Thanks in advance for the help! Can not wait to get this thing on!

Originally Posted by UR25IO View Post
OK. sweet..
first you must remove the mud flappy things in front of the font wheel and of the splash guard/plate between the front bumper and the center splash plate

just drill those holes out on the Kerscher lip - line the lip up with the lower bumper from tip to tip and just drill holes in the bumper

lastly just nut and bolt them up..