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That helps tremendously!!
I assumed I would have to drill new holes for the majority of them. I have already pre-drilled the splitter.
The part that was throwing me, was how do you fasten that front splash shield after the splitter is installed, but I understand now that you in stall it with just the rear bolts and tuck it in there in the front.
Thanks again! - Shawn

Originally Posted by Harlequin View Post
Yes. But there's only 6 or so of them.

Yeah but you want to use more than just those. You'll notice that the splitter has some "circles" etched into it. Drill a hole for each of those. Some of them will line up with the pre-existing holes on the bumper, some you will need to create new ones.

Mine's basically just resting on top of the trailing edge of the bottom of the bumper - tucked in, so to speak.

Hope that helps.