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I was trying to purchase the SLEK hood but unfortunately they are not being made any longer. So I ended up going with this Seibon BM unit and am very pleased with with!

How's the fit and finish?
Fit was nice but just a bit narrow. I would say another 1/8" on both sides and it would be perfect. Carbon weave is really nice.

How much did you pay? Where did you buy it from?
Purchased form for $958 shipped. It arrived nicely packaged and without damage via box truck. For finish, I have left it raw carbon for now

If painted, how much did it cost to paint?

Still running without paint as I like the contrast with my color. The only downside here is that I think it attracts more kid racers... But my kill list keeps growing! lol

Additional Notes
Only run one OEM hood strut - Or switch to 1M struts
Add hood pins - I tried running without and there was so much shake it was scary... Due to the 135i only using 1 center latch point I think this will be an issue with any light hood...

Overall Experience
A - And would buy their product again.

Couple pix on my car.