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Originally Posted by RimasRS View Post
What additional options will we have with those?
You will be able to run nearly any engine management system you want. AEM Gen 1, Gen 2, Motec, Hydra Nemesis, Halltech, even the AEM FIC and others. Many of these systems can't control the direct injection but they can control fuel injectors that can be used with our intake manifold. You also won't overheat the direct injection or the fuel pump. The car drives around just like it does factory, but as more fuel is needed the secondary set of injectors comes on. We are designing the piping on our new big single turbo kit and will start tuning very soon.

If you still want to run our big single turbo kit and only want to use the direct injection you can continue to use a flash or piggyback type tuning system. Our intake manifold comes with plugs in the fuel injector ports so you can run it to eliminate the factory plastic one and remove the fuel injectors plugged when you overpower the direct injection and want to run some FIC or IDE injectors.


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