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Originally Posted by Eyeman View Post
I'm at 4 yrs and 45k miles and I have not added any fluids on my own. What is really nice is my av MPG is significantly going up lately. I'm now averaging 24mpg on daily suburb type driving.
Driving style has a lot to do with how much fluids your car uses.

I have an empty Autobahn with no speed limit a few klicks(kms) from my house. I normally average 20 or 21 mpg when I am driving "slow". When I am driving "fast" I average about 15 mpg. And when I drive very fast, I will only get about 9 mpg. I have drained my full fuel tank in as little as 122 miles. And I have gone WOT so long(30+ secs) that the HVAC system defaults to defrost vent output. When you go WOT so long there is no "saved" vacuum in the two vacuum reservoirs next to the coolant exp tank. Typically when I drive well over 160 mph, I will have to add some oil at the end of my trip.

I doubt you encounter those things in the states.

All that said... I can drive slowly and see up too 28 mpg, but I prefer to driver fast.