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Originally Posted by LotusBoy View Post
No modification was needed to get to -1.2, just the new alignment I had done after installing KW's DDC suspension. -1.45 also possible without any technical mod. Basically, more camber gives more bite to your front axle which is nice on track but as it kills understeer, it will make the car even more oversteery under power... I'd add this: BMW engineers and test drivers spent 20 months setting the car up. The result, as always, is a compromise between everyday drivability, safety and track performance. As I discovered when I was karting, fettling here and modding there can become an endless circle, the only way out being sometimes to go back to your "initial" set-up. And then noticing that it feels so much better, even though you lost a fraction on the lap times ...
Thanks, how much lower would you say you are in front than stock?