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Originally Posted by Mahlzeit

No,.... I'm sorry, clearly. I'm not sure which fucking manual I should have read. Perhaps lifehackers guide to 1M hacking.

I had coilovers and camber plates (vorshlag) on my previous e36. While I did enjoy playing w/ the height and the plates the one time I actually did, I only made it to a proper race track once. And on stock tires. At -3 degrees my front tires' shoulders held up surprisingly well to Big Willow in 100 deg heat.

So - I'm looking for a setup that is budget conscious given the tinkering and track time I'll have. Which means,... if I don't have to blow $500 (1M camber plates) and $2k on a second set of wheels/tires for a couple track track days, AND can avoid totally destroying $600 worth of tires, then great! Sounds to me like something in the range of -1.5 to -2.0 could fit that bill.

And it looks likes folks on this thread are getting around this range w/out camber plates.

Re: RTFM. Ok. Not a manual, but read the responses again.

Most of the responses here are -1.2 is the max they achieved pulling pins on a 1M.

While 1.5- 2.0 might be your goal, none of the prior responses is really there ( again, for 1m), and I think a good more than that is really needed to keep from absolutely destroying your car's tires on track.

An advanced driver in a stock 1M can easily destroy the front tire tread blocks in a half a days driving of one DE.

For anyone that plans to track the car a lot I strongly recommend camber plates and I would recommend them even BEFORE wheels and tires.

the level of grip is stupendous, but in stock form this car eats tires for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

From your description however, you only rarely see the track. Pull the pins and go with the PSS or Hankook RS-3 and you'll be ok if you are a novice or intermediate level driver.

If you are a solo level hpde driver though, more than likely you'll tear up $600 in tires. Don't say I didn't tell you so.
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