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Can't you get away with a set of all seasons that are good in the snow when driving on flat roads; i.e. cont DWS. I used to live in the san bern mountains in socal and driving up snow covered hills it requires either chains/cables on the drive wheels, or all wheel drive with snow tires; snow tires and rwd doesn't matter you aren't getting up a steep ass hill covered in inches of snow. Once I was up in town I could drive around in 2-3" of snow with just some kumho 4x all seasons and no chains/cables.

The roads were always good the day after a storm; the snow plows and the de-icing chemicals they throw around worked great.

Maybe I'm talking out my ass, but I'd rather be driving on some flat road in the mid west than some steep ass hill with no guard rail trying to get up or down san bernadino mountains covered in snow/ice.

You guys in the mid west/east coast always make a big deal about having to change wheels/tires out, but isn't it mostly flat? You guys get 5ft of snow dumped on you every weekend or what?

**If anyone wanted to know what chains/cables I used it was SCC Z chains. They cleared the stock wheel gap, suspension, etc. whatever perfectly.

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