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Originally Posted by koluka View Post
Yes... It is currently and mostly set at auto. LED bars do not light up upon key unlock.

What I have noticed was that on auto during the day while day time running lights are activated, the rear led bars do not light up.

I think this has something to do with not lighting up on unlock?

As I said before the BC configuration are all set golden for the led bars to light up.

CONFUSED! lol..... I wonder if another visit to the bmw dealership will be a good idea.

After all they try to send me back with BS excuses such as "oh its because 1 series is different from 3 series"

I started this thread only because after searching for 1~2 hours, I did not find any useful information regarding this topic. Maybe it is just me?

My rears did not light up during the day either.. However, they would light up when I unlock my car even during the day. I always have it in the auto light setting.

I wanted my rear lights to be on all the time when I drive, even during the day, so I got a local person to code that in for me.

For me, I got the car with the rears not lighting up during the day.. I would find it weird if they used to but stopped doing it.

Maybe the computer had a glitch in the system when you were pulling out the connections on the old tails and plugging the new tails in.

Might want to see if someone can code that in for you.