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Originally Posted by M3 Adjuster View Post
So does this mean that the Arc-8 was not " was designed and engineered to handle extreme abuse on track and street, offer a wide range of direct fitments, while producing a relatively lightweight wheel (compared to OEM). "

Thanks for the info on the brake clearance... that makes sense.
The other part sounded like an infomercial that dogged out your own other product.

I am personally EXTREMELY happy with my Arc-8s.... and while I understand some of the aesthetics and brake clearance issues, when it comes to the 1M specifically... I don't see an advantage for the EC-7 for a relatively stock car as they are slightly heavier.. and slightly more expensive for the same fitments than the ARC-8
Had the same thoughts.

BTW aesthetics and style are a perfectly good differentiator. Nothing wrong with it. Just look at most aftermarket wheel brands that sell wheels not much lighter or even heavier than stock wheels.