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Originally Posted by sparoz
Quick summary without digesting everything:

1. Exhaust now needs to be approved (as it is now an engine upgrade)
2. Suspension (shocks and springs) as long as it doesn't raise the drive height or lowered pass the limit no approval required provided it uses the same mounts.
3. Tuning needs to be approved
4. Cars equipped with traction control can't be modified unless we have evidence that the modification doesn't affect the system through testing. If it does we need to modify the traction control.
5. FMIC, larger radiator, charge pipe, dv/bov, dci/cai should all be basic mods without the need of approval.
6. Brakes as normal needs to be approved, but should be straight forward.
7. All engine mods (exhaust, turbo, etc) now needs to have both emission test and noise test conducted, except Queensland currently have an exemption on emission test due to no facilities.
Where's the ncop you're reading? I can only find the 1/jan/2012 one

All i can find on google is that a new ncop was coming 1/11/12, i just can't find it?

So confused

Or is it that qld adopted the 1/1/12 ncop as of 1/11/12 with a further 6mth cooling period?

Ed: sorry yeah i googled that and that's the case, i'll keep reading it in depth then, so far it's all pretty sensible and clearly explained

And on point 2-

So even if the suspension is CAPABLE of lowering below legal right height (still 100mm?), it's legal as long as it currently sits at a legal height?

7- is there any word on qld getting facilities? I quite like not having to get a basic (not too loud) exhaust mod plated

The traction control shouldn't be too worrying, as it seems to be generally fully functional still no matter what for 1ers yes?