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Your question is a bit broad.

Start with your intended use and the features you think you want.

For example - are you into show and shine events? Street group driving events? Midnight solo mountain runs? Track days? Autocross?

Do you want to tinker w/ your settings? Do you feel like you want to adjust height, and camber in your driveway - and then get realigned each time you do? Do you feel like you need to corner balance your car? Do you want to tinker w/ compression separately from rebound for optimal handling at the risk of getting it wrong and ending up with sub-optimal handling? Or is a single adjustment for 'stiffness' enough?

I'm in the process of trying to make sense of the options out there as well.

From what I can tell the option w/ the best street & track hybrid with adjustability is the KW v3 (height, rebound, compression adjustable), which retails for $2500. The new kid on the block is the JRZ RS1 (fixed height, single adjustable), but you have to choose your fixed height springs and spring rates, pay more for height adjustability, and will run you ~$3100 w/ adapter sleeves for 1M. Both #'s from HP Autoworks site. And those numbers are before camber plates ($440). Haven't spent much time looking at prices for the other brands.

Spent last weekend in a 996TT running on 19's and a fresh set of KW v3. I was quite surprised at just how compliant the car rode on the street. And my god the handling was absolutely flat and confidence inspiring. Something you'll appreciate in a 500hp beetle. Before driving that 996TT I was leaning RS1's, but after that drive and seeing the KW price - things are back up in the air.