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I'll answer the questions that I can answer...

Originally Posted by xShadows View Post
does anyone know of a good tuning shop around here that I can get it tuned at? I can do all the mechanical work myself for the most part.. but I'd rather let a pro tune it.
JB4 has several pre-tuned maps built in for cars that aren't heavily modded. You only need to get a custom tune if you have special requirements for some reason... for instance, if you've made heavy modifications to your engine or your turbos.

I also want to get downpipes, but since I'm in NC should I go with High Flow cats or will Catless be fine once I get JB4 installed?
I'm not sure how NC does their emissions testing, but unless you're really looking to scrape for every last HP, I think it's reasonable to go with a catted downpipe. The power loss is minimal compared to the massive amounts of power that you'll gain from the JB4.

I'm also going to get rid of the stock run-flats, so what are those really nice rims that I see everyone using that are black with the red strip around them? I don't want to have to roll the fenders so I'll most likely stick to 18'' rims.
Breyton GTS-R. Very lightweight and a great ride (I have them too). They come in several color options.

I'd also like to swap out my blue emblems with some red/black carbon fiber ones, but I can't seem to find a link for those either.. just overlay's.
From a quick google search for "red carbon roundel", this is one of the first results that came up:
When you search, make sure that you include the word "roundel" in your search.

After all that is done, are coilovers really worth it?
Yes. Definitely. Coilovers will make a much bigger difference than, say, intake or catless downpipes. Especially for everyday driving. If you've never put coilovers on a car before, you'll find that they completely change the handling and control characteristics of a car.

Or, if you want something a bit cheaper/tamer, just look at a set of shocks/springs... it won't be adjustable, but it'll give you great handling. I have the BMW Performance set, which is quite aggressive... similar to what comes standard on M cars. But if I were starting over, I'd probably get a Koni FSD set, which supposedly provides similar handling with better ride quality. Lamborghini uses them on the Gallardo, but you can buy a set for $700ish.

What about charge-pipes?
Could be mildly useful... some people say that the factory diverter valve might not be strong enough to handle higher boost levels, but I haven't seen evidence of that in the 135i... it seems to be more true in other cars. I think it's only really necessary if you want to use a blow-off valve for the sound or if you want an extra bung in your charge pipe for methanol injection.

Oil catch cans?
Reduces the buildup of residue in your intake valves. A good idea if you're running high boost.
On that note, you should also try to get a walnut blast... it's essentially a professional cleaning of your intake valves. At 55,000 miles, you probably have a decent amount of buildup in there. After the cleaning, the car will breathe much better. I'm not sure if there's a place in your area that does it... I was lucky enough to be 30 minutes away from VS Motorsports.

What sort of gauges should I get? I saw a P3cars vent one that looks really nice. I've also seen one that mounts in the center console in front of the shifter. Who makes that?
Not sure if you know this, but JB4 has an option to turn your oil temp gauge into a boost gauge.

I'm as giddy as a little kid on xmas waiting to open his presents. :X
I don't think it ever goes away...
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