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Originally Posted by smellthebeans View Post
Bavarian Auto Sport confirmed.

For the record I exclusively use redline MTL only. Doesn't ATF have anti foaming agents that might not play well with synchros in manual transmissions?

EDIT: "D4 ATF also provides a GL-4 level of gear protection, making it a superior product for transmissions and transaxles."
I'll be damned!
I have used Redline's D4 for many years in my Manual BMW trans. Redline's ATF works just fine in them. I just posted my thoughts in Rikx1M 's link...

I would highly recommend Redline's gear oils. D4 or D6 in our manual trans and MTL or their gear oil in our diff's. I like thier fluids bc they are fully synthetic and they really make a difference you can feel in shifting!