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Originally Posted by AnooooOH
Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
How about sharing with your 1Addicts friends how much you pay and where you buy your ///M suspension bits?
I buy parts at my local dealer, because I get special conditions.
We bought many cars over many years there.
I show them the cheapest price I found and the source and we arrange something. No problem!
Best thing is to get the parts delivered during the next day!

Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
This +1

I spent easily 20-30 hours looking over the internet for the best price for these item, and the intial information that the OEM TRW items even existed and were legit

not only were the UK/EUR items more expensive than the BMW M3 control arms available from ECS, they didn't appear to even have TRW items (at a $150 saving) at all! (i checked places like bmminiparts etc.)

if you can find them for <$466 (australian/US dollars) to your door, please let me know as i'll be unbelievable interested.

ECS has the TRW parts for $382 USD list price with $83 shipping (to australia), which would be a similar total to germany.
.. in fact, a quick check shows $10 less shipping.
But customs here are about 25% on the price incl. shipping! 19% VAT plus customs (grade depends on the parts).

Plus the EUR prices you found over the internet are incl. 19% VAT!
That`s what makes them more expensive.
No i take the 20% vat off and it's still higher lol

So even for a $100 item you get 25% tax?


Still, what sort of prices can you get?

If you can do cheaper than ecs, even shipping to here with no VAT, its probably cheaper for me too!


it would cost you €415.02 shipped to your door including taxes to purchase it from ECStuning )rough estimate, would be barely more if anything)

"BMW Control Arms has an import duty rate of 3.5% and VAT rate of 19% ."

can you get it for cheaper than that?

that's the control arms, tension rods, and headlight adjustor

i'll bet you a beer when i visit germany that you can't do it cheaper :P

for reference, the BMW parts from ECS landed to here (australia) are something more like $633.62.. and ECS is *CHEAP* compared to other vendors

the thing is, ( i read your reply to dack) is these parts aren't purchased through a BMW dealer and they would not price match them, they're directly from the factory that makes the control arms, TRW, bypassing BMW's markups... still, i'm honestly curious!

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