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Originally Posted by flinchy View Post
No i take the 20% vat off and it's still higher lol

So even for a $100 item you get 25% tax?


Still, what sort of prices can you get?

If you can do cheaper than ecs, even shipping to here with no VAT, its probably cheaper for me too!


it would cost you 415.02 shipped to your door including taxes to purchase it from ECStuning )rough estimate, would be barely more if anything)

can you get it for cheaper than that?

that's the control arms, tension rods, and headlight adjustor

i'll bet you a beer when i visit germany that you can't do it cheaper :P
So you think parts from germany, sent to the states are cheaper to buy in the states and to send back?

I bought the m3 front bar at my local dealer for 120 Euro, source price is $264,43 (without shipping, without taxes and customs) at hpa.

I`d have bought the control arms, tension rods, and headlight adjustor form a member on a german forum used for 180 Euro.
But like I said I decided first to test the new suspension and then see what it needs more.

But I asked my dealer for the front control arms month ago, before a member offered his set and I could get them for 70 Euro each without VAT.
So it`s 83 Euro (plus 19% VAT) TOTAL. At that point I didn`t know that you need the headlight adjuster, so I didn`t ask!
I think your source was about $90 each without shipping and without 19% VAT and without 5-10% customs (dunno what they put on car parts)!

Even if I pay some more, I get the parts delivered to my dealer at the next day and if a part is missing or I want to return parts, it`s way easier and faster to handle.

It`s the same thing with clothes etc. VAT and customs destroy great deals for germans!

Another example was the group buy for the kerscher lip.
I think it was $430 per lip. I payed 190 Euro total!

But on the other hand, parts like vmr wheels or seibon hoods are damn expensive over here!

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