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Originally Posted by Venom View Post
Sounds good! Was the exhaust a custom job or were you able to simply replace the battery well of a 135i with a 1m's?
I actually didn't have time to get an exhaust yet lol. Too many last minute details but it actually doesn't look too bad with no tips! I'll be getting it done this week though so we shall see how everything fits.

Originally Posted by MteK View Post
Could you also include details like costs, etc? The 1m guys may give you crap about the convo, but for 135 guys you are a hero.

Now that flex-fuel options are coming out for our car I think my 135 is a keeper and will eventually become my 3rd/track day car. For me it's not out of reason to spend the money to really improve it's looks and be able to run better offsets.
As far as costs go, I listed all the parts on the 1st page I believe. I didn't really get an invoice lol. I also got hooked up a lot by the shop for labor and what not. The wrap is what ended up costing the most. That was 3k, with 1100 being covered by insurance. 5200 from insurance + 1700 out of pocket covered all the labor, rear quarter panels, back windshield, rear bumper, etc . I sourced the front parts myself listed on front page with the listed prices.

Let me try and get it all organized so I can make a detailed lay out of the costs!