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Originally Posted by robertm View Post
I'm thinking about going to a square setup for the street. 18x10 all running 275s. I really like the way the car handles on square setup, tires are less expensive and most inportantantly I can rotate front to back. I'm on my third set of rear tires with less than 20k miles and first set of fronts still have plenty of life.

Normally I would go with the lightest option but since these will be for the street, form is important too. I love the look of the stock wheels so Id like to go with as close to stock looking as possible. I can't tell what's closer to the stock wheel the EC-7 or ARC-8? It looks to me like the 7s have more curvature or concavity to them whereas the 8s are more flat faced. Which look closer to the BMW wheels currently on the 1m?
IMO the ec-7 looks more like the stock wheels. Thinking about running the same 18x10 setup...