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135i mod pathway - "inspired by" 1M (how to get close to ///M performance)?

As we all know, the ///M team is really good at making great cars. So, I've been thinking that I might as well let them guide my own mod plan.

The nice thing about this particular pair of models (135i and 1M) is the fact that they use the same engine, so the two models aren't as different as a 335i and an M3.

I know that we can't build a functional 1M clone without changing out the entire suspension, but what 1M-type parts would be most useful to have?

So far, I've been thinking that it can be divided into four main categories: engine, suspension, drivetrain, and body/wheels/tires.

Engine mods are simple - the main things that the 1M has is just a more aggresively-tuned N54 with the appropriate supporting mods (exhaust, FMIC, air scoops, etc.). So we can easily outperform a stock 1M in that aspect.

For drivetrain, I think the main thing is an LSD. You're still not as good as an original M, but it should be close. Is there anything else?

For suspension, aside from shocks/springs (and possibly camber plates) and sway/strut bars, I think the main things are front lower control arms/wishbones and rear subframe bushings. My understanding is that the other suspension parts provide less noticeable benefit. Meanwhile, better shocks could actually make you a bit more aggressive than an M car. Is that wrong?

For body/wheels/tires, I'm thinking a front-end widebody should be good enough... either the Evo Racewerks kit or an OEM 1M frontend conversion. And rolled fenders in the back. With wheels that are lighter than OEM 1M wheels (Apex Arc8, Breyton GTSR), we could be sitting a bit better than a stock 1M in that regard.

Just to pre-empt a potential flame session, I want to clarify that I'm not trying to copy a 1M. There are plenty of things on my car that are distinct from a 1M. And even if I did do the frontend body conversion, I'd make sure to do something to make sure that nobody confuses it for a 1M.

So in summary, I'm thinking that the best initial mod pathway is:
Engine: Tune, FMIC, exhaust, other supporting mods
Suspension: Shocks/springs (or coilovers), sway bars, strut bar, M3 control arms/wishbones, M3 subframe bushings
Drivetrain: LSD
Body/wheels: Widebody front end, rolled fenders in the back, lightweight wheels

Did I miss anything?
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