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Originally Posted by SloPoke View Post
I just put my JB4 "stage 3" on last night and I am all

I had the JB4 on my 135 before I sold it and the chassis and suspension never seemed to handle it well. Everything seemed to squirm under hard acceleration.

The 1M on the other hands just squats and goes. This is definitely how the car should have come from the factory. This has me drooling at the prospect later on down the road of RB upgraded turbos, catless DP's, and FMIC. Oh if only money grew on trees......

I had my JB4 installed a couple of weeks ago and Im on map 0 because map 1 makes my car get into Limp Mode... as soon as I pass 4k revs it just chokes!!! Do I need to update the software that comes from a brand new JB4??? Ive been told that this sofftware works better with a 135i N54 and that it will give me trouble with my 1M....... I have a friend that has the exact same problem and he has already installed downpipes!!!