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Originally Posted by Ejpatch View Post
Thanks!!! Going to my dealer to get the ppk tomorrow. Going to order it.
No problem

One more thing though. Check out prices online rather than just heading to the stealership to order it. I'm not sure about prices in the US but in Australia it would have cost me over $900 for the spoiler if I ordered it from my dealer. I bought it for about $400 shipped from Germany and it's OEM.

The install is easy enough. Just get some 3M automotive tape, stick it on the spoiler, clean the boot lid, stick it on the boot and wait.

The only thing I would say is just make sure the edges of the spoiler are pressed down and it might be good to get some heat onto it as well. I installed mine and it seemed ok but I went for a drive maybe a couple hours later and afterwards I noticed that the edges had lifted up slightly. I'll have to redo it.