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Originally Posted by OneM View Post
Em/1: D6 ATF is only recommended for the 1M, not 135i (on Redline's website)
Redline's website does now have D6 ATF listed for the 135i.

I just switched to D6 ATF 2 weeks ago in my 135i manual.

My car has only has 30k miles on it, but as it's driven in city/autox/track I felt like I should change all the fluids at the end of this season. Not surprisingly, the fluid I drained out of the tranny was hideous. I didn't take pics, but I think dackel has a thread somewhere and my experience was similar to his; just thick black fluid.

The D6 ATF didn't make a significant difference in shifting, maybe it's a little smoother, but I'll chalk that up to the placebo effect. All I can say is that I have peace of mind that there is a clean oil in the car now, and based on what I pulled out, the car was due well before the service interval.

So if you're on the fence: D6 ATF Good (or new BMW oil), old oil bad