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BMW Welt 4.0!!!

  • MOD-Sheets: - for downloading the modification sheet look here
  • Car-Coding - for making an appointment with Car-Coding look here
  • Contest: - for info about the contest check here
  • Stickers: - the sticker pre-ordering can be found here
  • Count of participants and PM for dinner at Andechs
  • Route for the CiC -> here

Information to the meeting:

Motto: „BMW Welt 4.0 – Friends reUnited“

A combined meeting for drivers and fans of 1 series (E8x & F2x) and 3 series (E9x & F3x).
Participants: e90-Forum, 1erForum and 1addicts

When: Sunday, 12th of May, 2013

Where: BMW Parkhaus Süd and Kloster Andechs


1. Meeting in the BMW car park (from 09:00am to ca. 2:00pm)
2. Drive to Andechs (around 2:00pm)
3. Dinner in Andechs (from around 4:00pm)

Drive to BMW car park:

Meeting point is the BMW car park at the 4 Cylinder.
Please use the following entrance to avoid a traffic jam on the ring:
  • Dostlerstraße 5, 80809 Munich(Bild)

Dinner in Andechs:

Like last year we are going to end the meeting with dinner in Andechs.
As we have only limited seating capacities, I would ask you to do the following:
Please send me a pn with the number of people who are taking part in the meeting and wether you are joining the dinner or not.
  • please ONLY in the subject - for example: „4, dinner“ bzw. „3, no dinner“

Drive to Andechs:

Route 1: Route to Gilching Gewerbepark Süd – GoogleMaps Route 1
Route 2: Route to Andechs – GoogleMaps Route 2

Around 2pm we are going to start from the car park heading towards Gilching.
As we are facing A LOT of cars (and it is not allowed) it is not our goal to ride in a convoi.
We are suggesting you drive in small groups to the intermediate stop in Gilching.
Please get familiar with the rout in case you loose your group so that you can drive to Gilching alone as well.

participants (as of 05/06/13):

1) elsabor67
2) Dackelone
3) 135i OREO
4) Mr Kleen
6) evolution80
7) That_1_Guy
8) gs/e60/1m?
9) Swadeness
10) mikrotom
11) Xcution
12) Koobs04
13) ace11 (+ friend w/e30 M3)
14) josh135
15) kleach18
16) stuttgartusa (+ 1thomas)
17) HondaGoneRogue
18) mez0531

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