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Originally Posted by pavo335 View Post
Congrats, a much better lams choice than the virago one of the boys at work got lol.

As others have said be carefull and ride like its not IF you get hit but WHEN!
Thanks Paul. I'm heard that a few times so I'm preparing for it (hopefully it never happens though).

I'll post pics of my gear as it comes in... it's not cheap either! ATGATT

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Thanks Ian.

Originally Posted by MrBlonde View Post

I'd also add you should never ride in a static manner in traffic or in multilane environment with cars around you. Constantly move within your lane from side to side and back and forth relative to cars around you. You want them to be focussing on you and what the bloody Hell you are up to, not letting you fade away so they can take you out when lane changing.
Thanks for the advice Kenny. The instructor made the same point you made, don't drive in a completely straight line at night, do anything to be seen. Chances are they will notice your headlights weaving a bit at night and if you're lucky, assume you've been drinking so they'll stay away

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^ + 1000

Congrats - You'll love it.

As others have said - awareness, predict, awareness, predict ........... the biggest winner, and potentially the biggest looser when it comes to your safety, is you. No one cares about it as much as you do - so you need to control it as much as you can.

Expect the unexpected, it WILL happen sooner or later. Sometimes it's driver being idiots and knowing it, but mostly, it's drivers just being bad drivers - and most are.

I can't tell you the number of times I've heard riders who've been hit tell stories where the driver says something like - "I didn't see you".

At the start, it takes concentration, but if you control the important linkage between your brain and your right hand, drive to the conditions, under-rate your ability - and ride to it, and expect other road users to do the stupidest thing imaginable, you will be fine.

Have fun
Thanks for the tips mate. Great points