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Originally Posted by Gumball View Post
The worst offenders are people who try and run into you for some bizarre reason.
Overtake you mid corner.
Try and share your lane.
Try and run into you to stop you lane splitting
etc etc - got no idea why they do this...

Sometimes people miss you by mistake - shit happens - best thing is to try and watch everyone and try and make sure they have seen you.

My bike has not been ridden for a while - gotta take it for a spin...
Bloody cagers! I see it happen all the time, just bizarre!

Originally Posted by pavo335 View Post
i put my bike down when an old fart in a rolls pulled straight out from a servo into the middle lane. he probably does this all the time, the only problem was on this occasion I was in the middle lane at the time. Well the bike had to be put down and his vintage rolls had a scratch on it somewhere and i was limping for a couple of months
That's a shame mate, sounds like a nasty crash. Any plans to get back on a bike soon?

Originally Posted by Moocow View Post
Ride it like every car out there is out to get you!

90% of accidents happen in a 60 zone around intersections - so be extra careful in those areas.

Nice ride, especially for a first bike. Once you can upgrade to bigger, you'll really notice the performance and handling benefits of larger sport bikes!

Enjoy it mate!
Thanks mate. I haven't had a chance to redline it as I'm running it in properly but there's plenty of usable torque in its meaty power band. It would have nothing on the bigger bikes but it's pretty decent when compared similar sized bikes.

I've already got my eyes on the new Ninja 636 after my year is up but don't want to get too ahead of myself just yet. I'm really enjoying the 300 as my first bike to learn on.