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Originally Posted by BMWlady View Post
My understanding was catalyst removal was a massive no-no
Although it's frequently done, there are few engineers that would say it was engineerable, because, well, illegal since mid-late eighties

RACQ have a decent section explaining it actually if you're interested
defini8tely interested

i fully expect it to be a no-no... then a small part of me thinks 'well if you can get it to meet the super stringent emissions tests, it should be ok, if they're sensible, right?' ... which is of course not how it works lol

eh, it's such a complicated world (the car modification scene and policing it), so many ifs and buts and roundabouts.

on one hand, they could pass it emissions legal, then the owner could instantly flash a high boost non-legal map, and .. well obvious results
on the other, the whole car could be totally stock (exhaust etc.) with a totally invisible tune that would in no way pass emissions... but no one's the wise and the car is technically totally legal.

so much stupidity.